Arranged marriages


Arranged marriages are a culture which is popular in Asia. The parents or other family to a person decide who the girl or boy can marry. The persons often don`t get the change to meet or see each other before the wedding.

When you marry a person, you are supposed to live with him or her for the rest of your life, and bought should be happy to have each other. If you marry a person you never have met or have met only a few times, you may destroy your life. The person you marry can have a bad personality and do things you don`t like.

In the other hand, a lot of people know the family and the person they arrange marries to. The parents can then make a much safer choice, and the future to the boy or girl can be brighter.

I think it`s hard for us in Norway to understand this culture, and to us it seems crazy to have arranged marriages. People who have been raised and lived with this culture, may find it normal to have arranged marriages.

I think when you are thinking about getting married, you should know the person pretty well. It`s important to know the person, and find the good sides and the bad sides of the person. Marriage is a big step that has an important influence for your life.


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