Marshall Mathers, or Eminem as everybody knows him, started rapping when he was a teenager. His father left him when he was a child, and he lived with his mom. He had a hard childhood, he had to switch schools two or three times each year because of moving. He got bullied and beaten up at school.

Eminem is one of the most popular rappers nowadays. He has won 13 grammys during his career. Eminem has got a lot of critics because of the song lyrics. He can seem prejudiced and violent because of the songs. But he says that music is his therapy, and instead of doing what he feels, he sings about it.

I`m not a big fan of Eminem, but I don`t dislike him either. I used to listen to some songs of him when I was younger, and I found the songs very meaningful. I have changed my taste of music, so I usually don`t listen to Eminem now.


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