Social Media

The social media are everywhere. A lot of people today are addicted to the social media. Some of them are Youtube, Facebook and Twitter. You can easy communicate with people, and share your life with the world.

The social media can be a very useful thing in my daily lifestyle. I can contact people in an easy and fast way. Instead of use my time to go to the person or write a letter, I can turn on my PC and send a message from it. If want to do something spontaneous with someone, I can ask the person through a social media. It just takes a few seconds.

If I`m are bored and need entertainment, the social media have a lot to offer. I can find funny videoclips on youtube, and I can also find music there.  I really like youtube, because there people can share music and other things that interest me. If I want to learn a song on guitar, a lot of people all over the world have tutorials of how to play that song.

I also use MSN. Even dough I can be far away from my friends, I can chat with them through MSN. It`s nice sometimes to have someone to talk to if you`re alone and need to be cheered up.

Almost all people that have computers are a member of the popular social media” Facebook”. I once had it, but I got tired of it. People wrote about what they were going to eat for dinner, and how much homework they had to do. I didn`t have any interest of knowing such things. I found other things to do with my time.

On Facebook you can have hundreds of friends. How many of these persons are really your friends in the real life? When I was a member, a lot of persons added me on Facebook. But they didn`t even say “Hi” to me at school.

Even dough people have a lot of persons to talk to through the social media, I think you can become lonely. What if your computer breaks down? What do you have left? If you are used to talk to persons through the computer, it can be hard to be with persons face to face.

The best way of communication I know is to talk and be with each other face to face! Then you really are getting to know persons. If that`s not possible, a phone call can mean a lot. It`s so nice to hear a friends voice!

For 10 years ago, communication was different from today. People went to see each other, wrote letters and talked in the phone. Fewer and fewer persons today use this way to communicate, and in my opinion that’s sad.

My conclusion is that the social media can be very useful things. We are living in a technological and modern world, and it`s nice that we have different ways to communicate. But don`t get to addicted to the social media. Try to be with persons face to face when you want to become familiar with them. I think it`s important to preserve the natural way to communicate.


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