Social Media

The social media are everywhere. A lot of people today are addicted to the social media. Some of them are Youtube, Facebook and Twitter. You can easy communicate with people, and share your life with the world.

The social media can be a very useful thing in my daily lifestyle. I can contact people in an easy and fast way. Instead of use my time to go to the person or write a letter, I can turn on my PC and send a message from it. If want to do something spontaneous with someone, I can ask the person through a social media. It just takes a few seconds.

If I`m are bored and need entertainment, the social media have a lot to offer. I can find funny videoclips on youtube, and I can also find music there.  I really like youtube, because there people can share music and other things that interest me. If I want to learn a song on guitar, a lot of people all over the world have tutorials of how to play that song.

I also use MSN. Even dough I can be far away from my friends, I can chat with them through MSN. It`s nice sometimes to have someone to talk to if you`re alone and need to be cheered up.

Almost all people that have computers are a member of the popular social media” Facebook”. I once had it, but I got tired of it. People wrote about what they were going to eat for dinner, and how much homework they had to do. I didn`t have any interest of knowing such things. I found other things to do with my time.

On Facebook you can have hundreds of friends. How many of these persons are really your friends in the real life? When I was a member, a lot of persons added me on Facebook. But they didn`t even say “Hi” to me at school.

Even dough people have a lot of persons to talk to through the social media, I think you can become lonely. What if your computer breaks down? What do you have left? If you are used to talk to persons through the computer, it can be hard to be with persons face to face.

The best way of communication I know is to talk and be with each other face to face! Then you really are getting to know persons. If that`s not possible, a phone call can mean a lot. It`s so nice to hear a friends voice!

For 10 years ago, communication was different from today. People went to see each other, wrote letters and talked in the phone. Fewer and fewer persons today use this way to communicate, and in my opinion that’s sad.

My conclusion is that the social media can be very useful things. We are living in a technological and modern world, and it`s nice that we have different ways to communicate. But don`t get to addicted to the social media. Try to be with persons face to face when you want to become familiar with them. I think it`s important to preserve the natural way to communicate.

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Marshall Mathers, or Eminem as everybody knows him, started rapping when he was a teenager. His father left him when he was a child, and he lived with his mom. He had a hard childhood, he had to switch schools two or three times each year because of moving. He got bullied and beaten up at school.

Eminem is one of the most popular rappers nowadays. He has won 13 grammys during his career. Eminem has got a lot of critics because of the song lyrics. He can seem prejudiced and violent because of the songs. But he says that music is his therapy, and instead of doing what he feels, he sings about it.

I`m not a big fan of Eminem, but I don`t dislike him either. I used to listen to some songs of him when I was younger, and I found the songs very meaningful. I have changed my taste of music, so I usually don`t listen to Eminem now.

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Arranged marriages


Arranged marriages are a culture which is popular in Asia. The parents or other family to a person decide who the girl or boy can marry. The persons often don`t get the change to meet or see each other before the wedding.

When you marry a person, you are supposed to live with him or her for the rest of your life, and bought should be happy to have each other. If you marry a person you never have met or have met only a few times, you may destroy your life. The person you marry can have a bad personality and do things you don`t like.

In the other hand, a lot of people know the family and the person they arrange marries to. The parents can then make a much safer choice, and the future to the boy or girl can be brighter.

I think it`s hard for us in Norway to understand this culture, and to us it seems crazy to have arranged marriages. People who have been raised and lived with this culture, may find it normal to have arranged marriages.

I think when you are thinking about getting married, you should know the person pretty well. It`s important to know the person, and find the good sides and the bad sides of the person. Marriage is a big step that has an important influence for your life.

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Pakistan blast at bus station

A bomb exploded at a bus station in Pakistan. At least five people is killed.

The blast hit a small town of Jandool where Pakistani troops fought a major offensive against the Taliban two years ago.

Police official Islam Khan don`t know if it was a planted device or a suicide attack, but the case is under invastigation.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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